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  • Ion Dukes Sanchez (Saturday, March 03 18 12:47 am EST)

    I love this website. Its wonderful to see my Holy Tabernacle COGIC growing with the times. Being a member here has taught me many things and has molded me into the adult I am. I have had the privilege to be under the leadership of 3 wonderful ,kind and faithful men of God. As a child, Elder Bascomb, spent time singing with us making sure we were okay. (He also christened me.) I was about 10 years old, when Elder Holden came to us, he was very special man. He exemplified what a good Shepherd should be. He encouaged us, prayed for us, and kept us in the word. At 12 he Baptised me. At 18 he performed
    my wedding and later christened my oldest child. I am thankful fot the mothers in our church. Mother Boone, Mother Annie Gee, Mother Catherine Hill, Sis Pauline Kinchen and Sis Mattie Hill and others, although strict, they taught us how, we as young girls and women should carry ourselves. We had Sunday school, Sunshine band Purity classes.We were prepared for the world by having Faith, trusting and believing in God, knowing everything would be okay, if you put God first in your life everything else will fall into place. After being gone, for about 18 years, I'm back in Ct and am now under Pastor Moye, much has not changed, he is also is a wonderful man of God. Who loves his church. He is dependable and cares about his members. He speaks Gods truth to help us grow stronger in faith and that God is our everything. I love my church and my church family.

  • Sherline Kinchen-Davis (Wednesday, February 14 18 11:25 pm EST)

    I love this church. My mother joined and raised us here. The Tabernacle has provided the basis of my Christian learning and living.

    It has taught me the love of God, the power of Christ, and the joy of living according to God's Word.

  • Samuel Davis (Wednesday, February 14 18 11:12 pm EST)

    I came up from Alabama and Holy Tabernacle has been the church for me since 1969. Word-solid, family-friendly, Christ-centered, and welcoming - that's why I stay.
    It is where I met my wife and we raised our family.

    I enjoy teaching and preaching to share what I have received.

  • Kiki Kinchen (Sunday, February 11 18 07:23 pm EST)

    I love my church!! It’s a place of love.

  • Nicolas Jones (Thursday, February 08 18 06:48 pm EST)

    Holy Tabernacle COGIC is my home Church that I love so much! The family that we have here is just amazing. Supportive, Loving, Kind, Caring, all that you can think of. I love it here.

  • Ben Hines (Thursday, February 08 18 04:59 pm EST)

    I love Holy Tabernacle COGIC, because she and her other sons and daughters of God first loved me with The Love of God.

  • Shontisha Kinchen-Askew (Thursday, November 30 17 11:06 pm EST)

    I absolutely love Holy Tabernacle! If you are looking for a place of worship that has a strong family foundation, based on love and the word of God...Holy Tabernacle COGIC is the place for you! I grew up in HT and I plan to raise my children in HT!

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